Dirk A. Ulrich

Tree & Vine Consultant / Operations Manager

As a tree & vine consultant for over 30 years, and with 30+ years of experience with agricultural chemicals, Dirk has helped develop multiple modern ag operations using cutting edge systems that maximize profitability. Dirk has been successful both in identifying problems in existing ag operations and overcoming those problems to produce highly profitable farming practices.
As environmental concerns in farming becoming increasingly prominent in the ag world, Dirk boasts 25+ years of experience in complying with State and Federal regulations of all kinds.
Dirk holds a consolidated bid purchasing arrangement that provides ag chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers to clients for 12% to 15% less than standard prices, and this alone can save millions for large operations in just a few years.

Tree and Vine Consultant

0 Years

Experience with Agricultural Chemicals

0 + Years

Savings To Customers

0 s of Dollars

Consulting and Technology Skills

  • Pest Control Adviser (Department of Pesticide Regulation)

  • Certified: Insect and Mite, Plant Pathogens, Nematodes, Weed Controls, Plant Growth Regulators, Harvest Aids

  • Pesticide Label Compliance and Interpretation

  • Certified Written Recommendations for Pesticide Applications

  • Environmental Compliance with Pesticide Applications

  • Online Pesticide Use-Reporting

Certified Crop Consultant (American Society of Agronomy)

  • Soil nutrition and Soil Biology

  • Plant nutrition

  • Certified Written Recommendations for Fertility

  • Environmental Compliance with Fertilizer Applications

  • Nitrogen Management plan certified

Pomology and Viticulture

  • Bachelor of Science in Fruit Science

  • Pruning: training and development of production longevity in Almonds, Walnuts, Stone Fruit, and Grapes.

  • Propagation: Nutrition and Agronomy

  • Cultural Practice Management

Agriculture Chemical Marketing

  • Buying Strategies: Networking to Ag Chemical Venders

  • Petroleum Commodities Market: Time sensitive buying of fertilizers

  • Generic Pesticides: Identification of Markets and Products

Irrigation Technologies

  • Fertility and pesticide irrigation injection system development

  • Irrigation Management: Scheduling irrigation by soil moisture metering devices, Evaporation and Transportation Rates and auguring

  • Design and engineering lead for client irrigation systems

Spray Technologies

  • T-Jet Technical and Engineering

  • Design and calibration of spray equipment

  • Electrostatic Spray Technologies

Additional Consulting and Management Experience

Has developed numerous large open ground pastures into highly profitable almond operations.

Developed markets in California agriculture with anaerobic digested dairy manure (A.D. thermal Tea) and compost for side dress and drip & micro irrigation.

Developed the Soil Remediation Preplant Program: This program can take marginal or out of balance soil and dramatically enhance productivity.

Represented Independent Consultants of Northern California: Chosen to speak at the BASF yearly marketing meeting about future markets.

Developed an Agriculture Chemical buying group: Buys large quantities of Ag Chemicals for consolidated Ag Producers at 12% to 15% reduced price.

Managed irrigation for Hughson Chemical.

Led the development of the Gypsum and Potassium solutionizing process: Injected into the irrigation water at Hughson Chemical, this process increases soil efficiency when releasing nutrients into roots.

Led the development of small and large almond operations that are now highly profitable.

Evaluated and determined the ideal varieties and root stocks for almond and walnut operations.

Led the training and management of operations to start a 500 hectare vegetable farming company in southern China.