From budgeting and purchasing assistance to irrigation policy and fertility evaluation, UMC offers comprehensive assistance across multiple disciplines to maximize your ag production.


Initially, our team analyzes your growth area, taking pest and soil samples to identify problem areas, gauge irrigation efficiency, and monitor plant health.

Then we work with you to maintain all necessary compliance and identify best practices. We can also help you establish an effective business culture that stretches across your entire operation.

When purchasing commodities, UMC makes consolidated bids for all our clients on pesticides, fertilizer, and chemicals, and those bulk discounts are passed on to you.

Whatever your ongoing needs, UMC can lend a hand. From budgeting and production forecasting to evaluating new property to filling in for a manager on vacation, our team has the tools and knowledge to provide reliable assistance.


Our core services include:

  • Insect and disease monitoring

  • Fertility and soil chemistry analysis

  • Soil biology evaluation

  • Irrigation system evaluation

  • Best practices and business culture tuning

  • Management assistance

  • Consolidated bid purchasing for chemicals and fertilizer